In The Media

-KETV7 News(ABC Affiliate, Omaha) on 12/31/12:For Whitclay protestors, blockade is  personal

-KOTA Territory News (ABC Affiliate, SD) on 12/31/12: “Whiteclay blockade gains support”

-“ on 12/30/12: “Protest of Whiteclay beer sales planned on Monday”: on 9/7/12: Crazy Horse Was a Sober Warrior: 31 Notes On the Alcohol Wars at Pine Ridge on 9/6/12: One of the Whiteclay 5 Speak Out

-Rapid City Journal on 8/31/12: Ghosts of Whiteclay’s Streets

-Tillicum Wawa Radio Portland on 8/30/12: Whiteclay Protest Coverage

-Indian Country Today Media Network on 8/29/12: Whiteclay Fallout: Women’s Day of Peace March Ends With Arrests and Youth Being Maced

-Censored News on 8/29/12: Debra White Plume: Solidarity, Horse Trailers, Women’s Day of Peace

-Censored News on 8/29/12: Whiteclay: Real Reporters Work on Sunday

-The Chadron Record (Chadron, NE) on 8/28/12: Activist Criticizes Use of Horse Trailer to    Remove Protesters

-Sicangu Lakota Times on 8/28/12: If You Plan to Travel to the State of Nebraska to Stand Up for What is Right, Be Prepared to Be Treated Like an Animal

-San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) on 8/27/12: 5 Arrested in Whiteclay Protest Released

-Rapid City Journal (Rapid City, SD) on 8/27/12: More than 100 March, Protest Whiteclay Liquor Sales

-Intercontinental Cry on 8/27/12: Protesters Get Arrested for Standing Up to Predatory Liquor Stores in Whiteclay, Nebraska

-Native News Network on 8/26/12: Five Arrested in Whiteclay Blockade Trying to Stop Alcohol Sales

-Censored News on 8/26/12: Whiteclay Protest: Pepper Spray and Arrests

-Occupy Oakland Media on 8/26/12: Standoff in Whiteclay

-KOTA Territory News (ABC Affiliate, SD) on 8/26/12: VIDEO: Whiteclay Protesters Face Multiple Charges

-Deep Green Resistance News Service on 8/26/12: Women’s Day of Peace Action in Whiteclay

-Censored News on 6/12/12: VIDEO: Deep Green Resistance Joins Lakota: Action at Whiteclay


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