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Flash Mob Sneak Up White KKKlay Ne.

Once again Alcohol sales in White Clay NE have dropped, thanks to the Lakota Activist from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where alcohol sales are illegal. Advertisements

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June 9th March for Justice

The most recent blockade of Whiteclay on August 26th wasn’t the first action to happen this summer. June 9th was the date of this year’s annual March for Justice in memory of Ron Hard Hart and Wally Black Elk, two of Whiteclay’s victims. Deep Green Resistance participated in solidarity, and enacted a blockade of the road using U-locks and chains at the request of the Lakota. The blockade ended after more than four hours when the Sheridan County Sheriff signed a written agreement to work with Lakota women to end the routine criminal offenses in Whiteclay, however the sheriff never followed up on this commitment. It is this broken promise that prompted the most recent direct action on August 26th. Check out the video to learn more.

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Olowan Martinez Speaks on the Women’s March for Justice

“There’s a whole new generation of freethinking Lakotas being born in this day and age. We come here today not only in solidarity with Deep Green Resistance, but to save the mentality and the minds of our own nations.”

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