What You Can Do

While the problem of Whiteclay won’t be solved without serious and sustained effort, there are plenty of ways anyone can get involved and help bring and end to the ongoing genocide perpetrated by the town of Whiteclay on the Oglala Lakota.

Part of working to shut down Whiteclay is working to support the Lakota and those who stand in support of them.  On August 26th, five individuals from Deep Green Resistance used lockboxes of PVC pipe to lock their arms together and block the road through Whiteclay.  They succeeded in blocking the road for seven hours, and their direct action caused the town to lose over $5000 in revenue.  They were charged with resisting arrest, pedestrian on a highway, and disobeying a lawful order, and are each facing up to $1600 in fines and a year in jail.

-A petition to the Sheridan County Police Department has been begun to demand that they drop all charges against peaceful protesters.  Click here to sign the petition, and please share the link on Facebook and other social media!

You can also donate here to the protesters legal defense fund, which will be used to help them cover fines and legal fees.

-The court date for the five arrested protesters has been set for 9:00 AM on Wednesday, September 26th.  A rally on their behalf has been organized at the Sheridan County Courthouse in Rushville, Nebraska (303 East 2nd Street Rushville).  The rally will begin at 8:30 AM outside the courthouse.  Click here to view the facebook event, and please share!

Call the office of Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman at 402-471-2244  to complain about:  Whiteclay’s criminal activity, the macing of ten year old Wakinyan Conroy by the Sheridan County Police, the illegitimate arrest of a fourteen year old Lakota boy for defending himself, the arrest of peaceful protesters and their illegal transport in a livestock trailer, or all of the above!

You can also call the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission at (402) 471-2571 to bring Whiteclay’s criminal activity and the inaction of Nebraska police to their attention.

-Most importantly, you can get involved with grassroots organizing in the area to shut down Whiteclay and support the Lakota’s demands for justice.  Find out more about joining this fight by emailing deepgreenresistancegreatplains@riseup.net.

Spread the word!